Our Services

Our Services

We accommodate for a variety of safeguarding services to all businesses no matter the scale. We can arrange customised options to fit your needs. Here are the services we provide.


Construction Site Security

We provide security guards that could be of full service according to your schedule, from keeping track of material deliveries to keeping an eye on fuel levels in equipment. Our company understands that sites typically have a few subcontractors and agencies which is why it is crucial to keep track of who is on site at a specific time.


Corporate & Commercial Security

The first point of contact is always important, therefore we provide professionally trained security guards that take attention to detail seriously and deal with incidents in a suitable manner without disturbing the public around.



Retail & Leisure Security

Galaxy Guarding provides services to leading retailers. We understand that the customer experience is most important we ensure that customers are safe at all times and protected in the event of an emergency. 

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CCTV & Video Surveillance

We offer CCTV installation, maintenance and monitoring.


Industrial Security 

Manufacturing plants require security for both internal and external measures to protect expensive equipment. This ranges from factories to shipping ports.


Event Security

Concerts & sporting events are covered, from managing traffic to directing people to seats. We are here to ensure that occasions go as smooth as possible.

Key Points About Company 

Galaxy Guarding has over 10 years combined experience in the security industry. We are a proudly Welsh established company providing services to protect our local businesses.